• Post time: Dec-18-2023

    While rubber doormats are commonly used and appreciated for their non-slip, durability, and weather resistance, there are also some disadvantages to consider: The unpleasant odor: Rubber doormats may have a distinct odor due to the nature of the recycled materials used in their production. The o...Read more »

  • How to choose household door mats
    Post time: May-16-2022

      Doormats are essential when protecting floors from scratches and reducing indoor dust. How to choose a good doormat?     Above all, from qualitative go up, good indoor door mat is to need to be made by water absorption and durable material, these material is enough comfortable,...Read more »

  • The Introduction of Different Types of Doormats
    Post time: May-16-2022

    There are many kinds of door mats, home and commercial, and different types of door MATS are suitable for different purposes. Generally speaking, the role of the door mat mainly lies in water absorption and anti-skid, dust removal and dirty scraping, protection of the floor, advertising and decor...Read more »

  • How to Choose a suitable Kitchen Mat?
    Post time: May-16-2022

    As the name suggests, kitchen mats are those floor mats you see in your kitchen. They are usually found near the kitchen sink, under where people stand while washing dishes or cooking. They are usually made of rubber or another non-slip material. They can relieve pressure on your feet and keep th...Read more »